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The colourful paintings of Trips to Venice give credit to the artist’s love of the Mediterranean cultures. They are all painted in watercolour but with a great variety of styles.

On the one hand there are paintings of Venetian palaces with narrative details, focusing on the grand architecture. This pictorial reality is, however, suffused with warm colours of red and green, giving the pictures a touch of Romanticism. Their plasticity produces the effects of movement and space, their colour mood touches human emotions. In other words, the artist evokes plastically the emotionality of excitement through the imposition of certain colour moods upon existing subject matter.

Other paintings display a twentieth-century method of abstraction of both shapes and senses, where light is the chief sensual coordinator, the common denominator which binds all elements. The spectator is astounded by the seeming weightlessness of the Venetian houses and objects. They seem to float in the atmosphere, but are bound together and made manifest by the use of light.  Our emotions are affected sensually by the interaction of colours.  Moreover,   the decorative and expressive elements are organically intertwined that the two simultaneously contribute to the effect of beauty, so that neither be perceived without the other”

Canale Grande Palazzi ID A02
Canale Grande Palazzi (A02)
Venice Impression 1 ID A03
Venice Impression 1 (A03)
Canale Grande ID A01
Canalel Grande No.603 (A01)
Venice No. 803 ID A05
Venice No.803 (A05)
Palazzo Canale Grande ID A06
Palazzo Canale Grande No.408 (A06)
Venice No. 404 ID A04
Venice No.404 (A04)
Venice Impression 2 ID A07
Venice Impression 2 (A07)
Canale Grande No. 504 ID A08
Canale Grande No.504 (A08)
Venice No. 702 ID A09
Venice No.702 (A09)
Canale Grande Impression 1 ID A10
Canale Grande Impression 1 (A10)
Venice No. 801 ID A12
Venice No.801 (A12)
Palazzo Canale Grande No 406 ID A11
Palazzo Canale Grande No.406 (A11)
Ratilly da Puisaye Water Castle ID A13
Ratilly Da Puisaye Water Castle (A13)
Chambord Castle ID A14
Chambord Castle (A14)
Brissac Castle ID A15
Brissac Castle (A15)
Nevere Palace ID A16
Nevere Palace (A16)

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