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“Old masters are bold artistic statements in terms of plastic speech. The great old works have been a symbol of man’s faith in ultimate unity. By adding 20th century details or figures, the artist sets the stage for a different mood. It is a deliberate action to look at the old masters from a different angle, from the perspective of the present, with an ironic, intelligent, inquisitive mood. He also questions established rhythms of the paintings by imposing new colours upon existing subject matter.

His art is an affirmation, inasmuch as the process of disintegration is part of a process for evolving a new, comprehensive synthesis. His works are, in contrast to the sceptic views of Dadaism and Surrealism not a mockery of ultimate unity, but become a new, idiomatic and, moreover, a socio-cultural statement.”

Henry VIII
The Art of Painting
The Tower of Babel

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